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Top Gifts For Coworkers That You Might Just Want To Keep Yourself

Gift giving in the office is always a potentially problematic activity. The thing about coworkers is that the gift you give them may well influence how they see you and how they treat you. The wrong gift can really sully the atmosphere, so you have to get it right. To find the right gifts for coworkers, sometimes you have to find something that you’d want to keep for yourself, because then you know it’ll be a good choice. We’re going to be taking a look at our picks for the best possible gift ideas for coworkers, so that you can get this little social activity out of the way without offending anyone.   Dandelion Paperweight   Simple is sometimes the...

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Top 10 Creative Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents

The anniversary of your parents is a very important day. Their marriage is something which is hopefully really important to them, and it’s a reminder that the family is all together and happy. Therefore, you’ve got to make sure you get them the right kind of gift. However, a generic gift just won’t do. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the most creative gifts you can get for your parents.   Custom Book Art   Why not look into some custom book art for your parents anniversary? In terms of gift ideas for parents this is a pretty good one, because it’s personal, and it can be a very cute addition to a bookcase.   Personalised...

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A Gift Etiquette Lesson in Wedding Gifts

I'd like to talk about wedding gifts and how to judge if your choice of gift is appropriate. There are increasing pressures in the event of an expensive wedding to give a gift that reflects the money being spent on the event, and most of us start to feel this when we receive a personalised gilded invite complete with wedding list.The very basic rule that governs all gift etiquette tells us that we should buy a present that reflects the recipient’s place in our affections, not one that reflects property prices or status. If the invite is from a couple you hold very dear, you have complete reign over how much you choose to spend but if for example you...

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Best Fathers Day Gift Ideas

As you know it's Father's Day on June 15th and so it's time to take a moment to consider the importance of our Dads and the essential part they play in our lives. As a mine of useful information, your Dad equips you with the necessary rules to live by - without mine I'd never know which hi-fi to buy, or ever have fully got to grips with the offside rule in football, for example.Dads are invaluable and yet rarely get the same level of attention that Mothers do, especially when a child is young. Now you're of a gift buying age there's no reason why you shouldn't remedy this situation and I have a few suggestions up my sleeve...

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Grand Romantic Gift Gestures

If you're planning to sweep her off her feet with a grand romantic gesture then we've got some fantastic ideas for the most extravagant ways to say I love you! Create some special memories with our selection of extra special, deluxe, decadent and most indulgent gifts to really make a statement and have her heart all-a-flutter!When an ordinary box of chocolates is never enough, our luxurious box of romantic chocolate kisses lasts for a whole year, ensuring you'll never be far from her thoughts (or her lips!) all year through. These 'A Year of Kisses' lip shaped chocolates come beautifully presented in a red satin lined gift box, and finished off with a gorgeous white bow. This bountiful gift also...

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