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Accent Your Jewelry With A Jewelry Display Stand

By TrendyGifidea Author June 25, 2018 0 comments

Once, a jewelry display stand was used only by stores to hold special items they were offering. However, the stand has evolved, and the new styles can now be used as a decorating touch for home or store. New designs and materials have produced stands that are a beautiful accent even without jewelry. Stands have moved into the boudoir as an accent piece that also serves a purpose, and retailers have also benefited from the striking new models.

jewelry display
Pierced earrings can be kept organized and safe on earring trees or stands. These may be manufactured from acrylic, wire, or metal. Exotic shapes abound, and designs include birdcages, trees, dragonflies, and other unusual styles. Purists can find simple shapes, such as ladders or squares. Some have space for a necklace or two, while others are made to hold only earrings.

The most common displays for rings are molded in the shape of a hand, although simpler styles just have a post rising from the center. Metal, acrylic, and wood are used most often, and some are covered with velvet to provide contrast for the pieces. They may also feature a bowl for holding other items.

Necklace stands can be found in a greater variety than most other types of stands. Materials used may include pewter, wood, wire, acrylic, and even silver and copper. They may be formed to represent living trees, dragonflies, or dress forms. Some have rotating arms to make it easier to access the jewelry. They may be fitted with pegs or notches from which to hang individual items or long arms for multiple pieces. Some have bowls at their bases to hold rings or earrings and to add stability to the stand.

Combination stands can accommodate several different types of jewelry. Many have holes for pierced earrings, shorter arms for bracelets, and long arms for necklaces. A few styles even feature a post to hold rings. Their designs may be simple and basic or quite intricate. A wide range of materials can also be used in their construction.

Plastic necklace displays can be used to hold one dramatic piece or several chains. Most are lined with felt or black velvet to showcase the beauty of the piece while protecting delicate chains. Some styles are basically a board easel with notches in the top or along both sides to securely hold the chains. Others resemble a neck which allows the necklace to be shown as it will look when worn.


The easiest way to locate stands is to shop online. Dealers who sell costume jewelry or supplies and fixtures for retail jewelers are often good sources. Some towns have local dealers, but they are rare in some parts of the country and may have a limited selection.

On a vanity, a jewelry display stand keeps chains free of knots and protects finishes from scratching. Simultaneously, they add a unique accent, once your personal jewelry has been added. For retailers, stands let the beauty of the pieces shine, creating a showcase which is sure to draw the attention of your customers.

Locate a great Jewelry Display Stand that will enhance your jewelry today! You will find a jewelry tree that will fit all your needs when you visit today!

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