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Great Gifts for Extreme Gamers

By TrendyGifidea Author June 25, 2018 0 comments

Is one of the men in your life absolutely in love with online or video gaming? Knowing somebody who is a level 70 on Wow (whatever it means) or who’s hooked on Call of Duty: Black Ops, and he’s got a birthday coming up, here are several great gift ideas for the gaming obsessed guy:


Consoles: For those who have plenty to invest, why not update your man to the very latest console, or encourage him to diversify a bit by getting him one he doesn’t have already got? The heavyweights in video gaming are certainly the Microsoft Xbox 1 console and the Sony PlayStation 4, and top end versions of these with all the latest enhancements (such as Kinect for Xbox 360 console back in the day, which allows you to play games utilizing your body as the controller) and plenty of memory to store the game from all those extended hours of gaming, can be a pricey but very welcome gift for any games fan. You can even think about the Nintendo wii console, which encourages the usually sedentary gamer to get out of their chair and move about to manipulate the games. The Wii cost less than these, and although perhaps a little too wacky for the serious die hard gamer, it is thrilling, especially if played with a grouping of friends – it’s the perfect console for night time parties and family fun alike.

Games: This is usually a tricky one, as you will need to find out what he likes, and what he has already got, but a majority of gamers get some new titles with their wish list, and if you can find out what they’re, perhaps through some uncharacteristically interested sounding conversations about gaming, you can discover what the ideal present for your games nut might be.

Books and Strategy Guides: A reasonably low price option, and something that actually works especially well when the gamer in your life is addicted to one specific title, for example, World of Warcraft, is usually a nice collector’s edition strategy guide. Books like these are available on many titles, and so are attractive books with lots of game-related artwork as well as of course, detailed tips and advice to assist them to in the game.


Gaming Accessories: Loads of accessories are available for console and PC gaming, including retro joystick style controllers for PC gamers, headsets to allow you to talk to other players in online games, and for the Wii, all kinds of controller adapters which will turn your Wii controller into anything from a steering wheel into a golf club. You can also get professional DJ style headphones, which block out or mask all external sound, which not only will let them get much more absorbed in the gameplay but enables all others to get some peace when they do! An alternative choice is some of the specially designed gaming chairs. These are made not only to provide comfort during those long sessions of fighting, driving or shooting but will also have integrated surround speakers and in some cases a vibration effect that responds on the game.

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